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Special sterilization method of ethylene oxide sterilizer

Update time:2017-08-19

Sterilization method of ethylene oxide sterilizer is very special, the sterilizing effect of its efficient, won everyone's approval, the sterilization methods used, mainly used for those who should not use other methods of sterilization, heat sensitive products or components。 In the pharmaceutical industry, often used for sterilization in aseptic production parts and supplies, but also for the final sterilization, dosing devices such as ethylene oxide sterilization process used in the manufacture of sterile items, such as plastic bottles or plastic tube, rubber plug, plug and cap。 Sterilization of ethylene oxide for finished products with final packaging。 These products are mainly plastic or rubber drug delivery devices。 Ethylene oxide sterilization is also used in process equipment, such as the freeze dryers used in the manufacturing area。

It is not suitable to use this method for sterilization of articles containing chlorine and articles that can adsorb ethylene oxide. The common ethylene oxide sterilization process adopts vacuum process (less than 1atm), and generally uses 100% pure ethylene oxide or mixed gas containing 40% ~ 90% ethylene oxide (for example, mixed with carbon dioxide or nitrogen). When the positive pressure process is adopted, 8% ~ 20% of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide gas are used together. The product is sterilized in the pressurized chamber filled with sterilized gas.



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