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The use process of medical sterilizer

Update time:2017-08-25

When we use the sterilizer, need to pay attention to some matters, these matters are, for the first time the installation or emptying the water in the water heater should be paid attention to, must be filled with water after the water heater to connect the power supply starting to be replaced; the filter sterilization agent under the box before each use; when the water temperature reaches 61 DEG C to boot; sterilization processes are not permitted during the lid of the box. Close the cover fails again by opening the cover key, re closing the cover; sterilizing agent before use to check whether a block, to shake the drug into powder separation kit after use; no waterproof device can not use the equipment to carry out endoscopic instruments sterilization; all endoscopes must be cleaned, detachable parts shall be apart sterilization with switch devices to play the "open" position; sterilization equipment tray emissions from natural, neat, and there shall be no hose hose connection device folded and distorted phenomenon; sterilization hose on circular arc disc placed arbitrarily distorted.

To use medical instrument disinfection sterilizer equipment shall not be higher than the disk; if printed out after the sterilization sterilization failure "label shall notify the manufacturer inspection instruments; after sterilization, shall be deposited in a sterile environment, try to shorten the time interval from the sterilization equipment use, avoid equipment two pollution; found the box the cover has ooze water phenomenon, immediately notify the relevant personnel to replace the lid of the seal on the day before the start and shutdown; after simple cleaning work, with dry cloth sterilization tray with 70% alcohol water, then wipe the machine cover inside and outside surface, and cover cover. Run automatically every 7 days for long periods of no use. Do a thorough cleaning once every month and replace the filter element. The water in the water heater can be filled again and sterilized once before using the sterilizing agent.



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