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Sterilization process of ETO

Update time:2017-09-02

The chemical monitoring of ethylene oxide sterilizer is mainly to observe the chemical (color) change of the chemical indicator placed by the naked eye to test the parameters of the sterilization process。 Chemical monitoring has the characteristics of fast, simple and low cost, which can be used to find possible failure of retention, such as improper packaging or loading, sterilization function failure, etc。。 Chemical monitoring is mainly used for each package package, to distinguish between sterile and nonsterile items commonly used chemical indicator tape, packing belt and color labels (chemical indicator for inspection shall be subject to the approval of the Department of health, and issued a health permit, and use in its effective period)。 In addition, there are other chemical side test methods, such as single parameter chemical indicator and multi parameter indicator。

The chemical indicating adhesive tape is covered with adhesive, and the other side is coated with chemical indicator. It can be used as an indication of "sterilized" and "not sterilized", and can be affixed to the surface of the dressing package as a package seal. After sterilization, the uniform color change of indicator color can indicate whether or not the treatment has been sterilized, thus further proving the possibility of successful sterilization.



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