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County leaders come to visit our new factory

Update time:2017-09-11

County leaders come to visit our new factory.

Henan Medical Equipment Co。, Ltd。 annual output of 8000 sets of two types of medical equipment project site selection in the industrial agglomeration area。 The new building of two buildings, covers an area of 80 acres, the total construction area of 22500 square meters, of which: 1# area of 12000 square meters; 2# area of 10500 square meters; basically is underground, steel structure, construction funds for the self financing, a total of 145 million yuan。

The project revolves around the industrial planning of Huaxian industrial agglomeration area, which is important to enhance the industrial function of medical industry and improve the quality of medical equipment. After the completion of the project, there is a certain market development prospects, with independent development as the main, the development of product technology level is high, and has a strong sense of innovation of medical equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises.



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Sales Tel: +86-400-672-7500

Foreign trade Tel: +86-372-5577488

Shanghai office: +86-21-68751982

After sale: +86-372-5577599

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Company Tel: +86-372-5577588

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