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Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (large manual door)

Update time:2017-10-24

Vacuum speed

25 minutes to -60kpa

Sterilization room material

304 anticorrosive stainless steel

Standard sterilization time (min)

0-99 hours adjustable

Sterilization temperature(℃)


Gas selection

Pure ethylene oxide gas

Power connection


Outer box material

Carbon steel (thick 1.8mm) baking powder

Humidity during sterilization


Working pressure


Ethylene oxide sterilization concentration


[air replacement] automatic ventilation, ventilation frequency and interval time can be set freely

[automatic control system] one button start to end, the whole process automatically complete with the print record

[display] state display temperature, humidity and pressure, sterilization time, processing time, the number of residual gas

[printer] the whole process of sterilization information recording and printing, for verification check.

[humidity sensor] built-in humidity sensor automatic detection of cavity humidity, to ensure that the cavity humidity is not less than 45%RH.

[pressure sensor] built-in pressure sensor automatically detects cavity pressure, to ensure the accurate and effective pressure inside the chamber.

[temperature sensor] built-in temperature sensor, automatic detection of cavity temperature, to ensure that the cavity temperature is maintained at 50 degrees C + 3 temperature within the precise range。

[humidifying system] pulse humidification under vacuum condition, ensure the humidity of the cavity is even and controllable; the humidity of the sterilizing room should be controlled within the relative humidity range of 45%-80%;

[] residual processing device filter on particle diameter of more than 0.3 m the filtering rate of not less than 99.5%.

[sterilization room] leak rate determination of leakage rate at no-load, sterilization room temperature constant, test pressure -50kPa, time 1H were determined under the conditions of determination of time average leakage rate less than 0。16kPa/min。

[rate] vacuum under no-load condition, atmospheric vacuum sterilizer from time to -60kPa should be less than 30min。

[vacuum system] using oil-free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum speed, long service life.

Heating system adopts explosion proof electric heating device, which is more convenient and quick

[pallet rack] use 304 stainless steel pallet rack

[a variety of protective functions] with over-voltage, over temperature protection function, more safe and reliable。

[casters] Yes

[alarm system] has high temperature alarm system, ultra low pressure alarm system; when sterilization room temperature exceeds 59 degrees, should be able to sound alarm.

[category] class II medical devices

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