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Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Update time:2017-10-24

sterilization principle of ultraviolet ray

Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is through the ultraviolet radiation,destroy and change the microbial DNA(DNA)structure,so that the bacteria immediately die or can not reproduce offspring,to achieve the purpose of sterilization.what really has a bactericidal effect is UVC UV.because the C band ultraviolet light is easily absorbed by the organisms DNA,especially around 253.7 μm ultraviolet (uv) best.Ultraviolet sterilization belong to the pure physical disinfection method,with simple and convenient,broad spectrum efficiency,no secondary pollution,easy to management and automation,etc.

specific operation and steps

First check whether the correct connection of the circuit,to avoid the long-term use of equipment leakage phenomenon,found that the problem should be resolved in a timely manner in order to protect the safety of equipment and personal safety。Then hanging disinfected endoscope,shut the door,swictch on the power supply,continuous electricity about 20minutes then swith off power。In a clean sterile state inside ark,endoscopic can be stored for a long time。

suitable for storage of equipment

Various types of rigid,flex,flexible gastrointestinal endoscopy, arthroscopy,bronchoscopy,colonoscopy,bile duct,the laryngoscope,renal mirror etc.

performace and advantages

1。The operation is simple,convenient installation,no need training&installation。

2。The disinfection efficiency is high,endoscopic utilization rate increased exponentially,it is convenient for the patient,and also increase the economic benefits of the hospital。

3.Good quality,durable,the various components to achieve the actual strength of plastic aluminum plate,during in the use and transportation process is not easy to damage.

4.Able to bear its own configuration of UV light irradiation for a long time,no special requirements for operating room temperature and humidity.

5.Adopt the recycled materials,on the environment pollution-free,green environmental protection.


Specification size(cm)

Number of hanging mirrors

Gastroscopy storage cabinet


(Double door)85×40×180      



Tracheal mirror storage cabinet


(Double door)85×40×160



Hysteroscopy storage cabinet


(Double door)85×40×160 



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