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SQ-Z series damp heat quick sterilizer is our company dedicated to dental,ophthalmology,laboratory and other occasions require frequent sterililzation design and manufacture,there are18 liters and23liters of two models,for hospital or professional agencies use sterilization.The sterilizer using micoprocessor intelligent control,humman-machine interface,easy operation,safe and reliable,clean sanitation.Dynamic display of various parameters and state digital screen in running proccss.Automatic fault diagnosis,over  tempreature,over temperature protection,to ensure the reliability of sterilization.

Structure:Mainly are the sterilization room,the steam generator,the vacuum pump,the pressure sensor,the condenser,the temperature contrel device,the control system,the liquid storage system and so on。

Applicable scope

Applicable to the emergency room,operation room,department oforthopedics,ophthalmology,gynecology,depaetment of stomatology,laboratory and metal equipment,beauty salons and other hollow equipment,glassware,medium,silieone tube,surgical kits,quick sterilization equipment box and cotton dressing and cotton yarn.

echnological parameters




Input voltage



Power consumption






Sterilization room size



Outline size



·The working environment:The environment temperature is 0-50℃,Humidity≥80%RH;Atmospheric pressure 60-106kpa;

·Operating voltage AC220v/50HZ,wire plug:GB three core/Euro standard three core;

·135℃sterilization time:36 minutes (preheat 12 minutes,vacuum 4 minutes,sterilization 4 minutes,dry 16 minutes);

·122℃sterilization time:56 minutes(preheat 8 minutes,vacuum 4 minutes,sterilization 5-20,minutes,dry 20 minutes);

·Transportation storage conditions:Temperature-40℃~+75℃;Relative humidity of 95%or more;The atmospheric pressure range is70-106kpa;

·Pulse mode:Microcomputer control,according to the field conditiongs to automatically select the number of pulsation;vacuum

work:Three times pre vacuum;

·Microcomputer control technology:The temperature and time of digital dynamic display;Two working temperature of122℃and135℃available;Sterilization items classification,respectively exposed equipment,cotton yarn,package eqipment,plastic and rubber equipment products;Default working temperature is134℃;High vacuum automatic drying,suitable for different items drying requirements;Strong vacuum drying,equipment residual humidity0。2%;

·Vacuum,water injection,heating,sterilization,pressure relief,exhaust,drying,power off automatic detection and alarm;

·After the sterilization is complete,the buzzer automatically prompts,LED display is completed;

·Material:304 stainless steel chamber,thickness≥3mm;The safety door thickness≥15mm;Hydrostatic test 0.5mpa.Beyond

YY0646-2008 national standard design;

·Sealing structure:The sealing ring is made of silicone,design service life is 2 years(1200times),not aging non deformation;

Screw thread insrrt,to ensure safe use and easy operation;

·During the sterilization process,more than the design temperature is automatically cut off,more than design pressure power automatic power off,over limmit design pressure relief valve automatically opens,open type double water tank can be disinfected and cleaned。Storage tank volume:5L,waste water tank volume:3。5L;

·European B satandard,with three pulse pre vacuum and deep drying function.The remaining less than 0.2%hummidity instrument.The vacuum is -70kpa,applicable to all types of wrapped,unpacked,solid,hollow,hollow class a class B,class B and the internal hollow porous pipe equipment sterilizationg;Ensure the efficient removal of the air inside the hollow instruments,the high temperature steam can fully reach every corner.

·Double headed vacuum pump to ensure vacuum degree-70kpa.

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