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Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Cabinet(Large)

Update time:2017-07-06

Can be sterilized articles and materials


Theracoscopic and laoaroscopic,laryngoscope,bronchoscopy,esophageal endoscopy,colonoscopy,cystoscopy,urethroscope,esophagus fiber endosope,gastric fiber endoscope,colonofiberscope,bronchial fiberscope,vascular fiber endoscope。etc。

Plastic and rubber products

Glovcs,finger sets,syringes,needles,blood collector,teansfusion device,urine bag,test tube,ventricular catheter vcnous catheter,vascular catheter,cardiac catheter,various drainage tube,hose.sponge,gasket,ets.


Surgical instruments,medical drills,saws,bone saw,bone plate,automatic suture,suture,suture needle,electric knife head,argon knife head,artificial esophagus,artificial bone,artificial heart valves,articial blood vessel,PTFE,artificial membrane,artificial lengloop,cardiac pacing pacemaker electrode,drainage after the operation device,suction device,waist,body cavity dialysis loop stent,bone wax,often prepare quipment,thermistor thermometer,stethoscope etc。。

Anesthesia appsratus

The endotracheal tube,nasal catheter,tracheostomy tube,breathing machine thread tube,venous pressure measuring tube,extracorporeal circulation perfusion tube,anesthesia mask,oxygen mask,corrugated pipe,anesthesia with bag,closed loop and resoirator parts,etc

Cotton textiles and other

Clothes,gauze,bandages,cotton,absorbent cotton,books,letters,medical records,surgical gowns,hats,brushes,bedding,pillo-w mattress,bedding,coins,paintings and other cultural relics

Technological advantage

Steriliztation room material

304corrosion proof stainless steel

Outer case material

Carbonsteel (1.5mm thick)baking plastic powder

Temperature of sterilization


Working pressure


The highest pressure value


Sterilization humidity


Power supply


Selection of gas

Ethylene oxide gas and carbon dioxide mixed gas

The dosage of gas


Sterilization time

Adjustable 0-99 bours

Vacuum speed

15minutes to vacuum-60kpa

Air replacement

Automatic ventilation 3times,periodic intervals for30minutes

Full automatic control system

One button start to the end,the whole process automatically complete paint records

Display status

Display temperature,humidity,pressure,sterilization time,processing time,the number of residual gas


The whole process of sterilization information records to print,in order to prepare for verification

Humidity sensor

Humidity,pressure and temperature sensors are used to detect the humidity,pressure andtemperature in the chamber automatically,which ensures the data to be kept in a percise range。

Pressure sensor

Temperature sensor

Vacuum system

Adopting the oil free。vacuum pump,which is simple and convenient,the vacuum speed  is fast,and the service life is long。

Sealing door

Using electric automatic doors,pneumatic sealing easy operation,good sealing

Heating system

Explosion proof electric heating device is adopted,which is more convenient and quick.

Multiple protection function

With over-temperature protection function,more safe and reliable

Sealant strip

Concave and concex type sealing ring (patent product)silica gel material


304stainless steel

Push cart

Carbon steel material

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